Sunday, February 22, 2009

AMT's Response to the Deux-Montagnes Line CRISIS!

EXPRESS SUNNYBROOKE 00, originally uploaded by kellergraham.


AMT has provided users of the Roxboro-Pierrefonds, Sunnybrooke and Du Ruisseau stations with special shuttle buses to Cote-Vertu Metro station. The coaches are provided by Bell Horizon and Transdev Limocar. Yes, the same Transdev Limocar that was prohibited from operating the same type of coach service between Cote-Vertu and Vaudreuil not six months ago.

Also, according to the AMT, these buses are borderline illegal, because the STM is supposed to have exclusive rights to bus transportation between two areas on the island of Montreal. (Shh, no one tell then about the Concordia or McGill shuttles)...

Note: This post is also to test the integration of Flickr and Blogspot :D


  1. These buses should link train stations directly to downtown rather than to Cote-Vertu, methinks :S

  2. edit: these buses SHOULD HAVE ;)