Wednesday, February 25, 2009


WOW! I love the Internet! It's interesting how I can have a photo or a video on Facebook for ages and no one notices and then suddenly gets major attention! I love it! My video for example never got more than a few hits a day. Yesterday alone according to Flickr Stats, 185 people saw my video! ISN'T IT AMAZING? WOW!

So far, the following websites have linked to my Lego Pictures / Video:

The Chronicles of Sekhmet Design // Métro de MTL en Lego

Dans l'antre de la découverte // Une expo Lego très cool ...


I had never heard of Twitter until a few weeks ago, only because of some very vocal person complaining.

Thanks to all my photo visitors, past, present and future. Every new visitor is one more person educated about our hobby.

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